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Today I want to talk about my Personal Journal. This little book is the place where I write about my day, whatever I have in my head or write about my dreams. It is part of my homeschooling as well. 

There are benefits to the journal, such as: 

  • using it for a daily brain dump 
  • vocabulary expansion 
  • recording your dreams 
  • freedom to express your more embarrassing feelings 
  • It can get your brain going 
  • a memory to look back on 

Currently, I use my journal to dump my thoughts. Whatever comes to mind I put to the paper first thing in the morning, sometimes later in the day. I can write whatever I want to write without worries. However, you could use the journal for a lot more, like poetry, short stories, story ideas, wishlists, and other fun things. The important thing here is to write. 

Since starting my journal, my handwriting has improved, I’ve improved my cursive, and I’m starting to learn a lot about myself and my dreams. It isn’t easy to keep up with, but I’m trying. 

I would recommend writing half a page per day or more. Really, you should just write. Write whatever comes to mind and put it to paper. Don’t think too hard, just write. 

Here are some tips, and I’m going to repeat myself. 

  • Write daily 
  • Choose either the morning or evening to write and stick with it 
  • Write whatever is on your mind, no filter needed 
  • Do not skip days 

For those who want to get started on a daily journal of their own, I would recommend a composition notebook or one like mine. It is a cheap journal from Walmart with an embossed faux leather cover, a ribbon for marking your pages, and a line for dates at the top of each page. I really like the feel of mine. 

I hope this helps someone and I would love to hear about your journals. I’ll post again soon. Keep creeping. 

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