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Flower Crown

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This past Valentine’s Day, I made flower crowns for my mom and me, Xaneria! My sister Zaharra made one for herself and our youngest sister, Phoenix. I had fun making the flower crowns. I am planning on making more of them, because of how much fun they were! These flower crowns were a last minute creation so i have no sketches of them sadly.

If you don’t know what a flower crown is…

A flower crown is a wreath for clothing, it’s made with leaves, flowers, branches, and/or more.

As you can see these two are both handmade. These flower crowns were my first ones. The first one we are going to be talking about is my Moms. I made these crowns mainly out of a 20 gauge jewelry wire, fake flowers from dollar tree, some polymer clay, hot glue, and whatever else I had lying down.


This crown took me about two hours to make. I made this crown for my Mom, Xaneria. I made the crown with bunny ears because my Mom loves bunnies and it was for Valentine’s Day.In addition to the basic materials, I also used some bunny ears from an old easter basket, florist wire, embroidery thread, some pearl colored beads, stuffing, and some ribbon to tie it together.

After I viciously yet carefully, removed the ears from the stuffed basket, I then placed wire in them to keep their shape and restuffed them.

This crown took a bit longer, about three to four hours over the course of a 24 hour period.

I made the crown make a U shape and curl around my ears. I used the clay to make the clocks and the horns, along with the aluminium foil. Afterwards I cooked them for 25 minutes in the oven.

I glued the clocks on to the flowers, then sewed them on the crown, along with the horns, gluing them afterwards. Sewed the flowers after trimming them a bit, then I glued some leaves onto the back to try to keep it all together.

Were there any mistakes?

Yes, for starters, I didn’t film or photograph the process (Our camera is on the fritz). The horns were both uneven one was heavy and fatter than the other one. The clocks wouldn’t stay in properly, so we had to use some hot glue instead. I used thin wire for the crown, so it was hard to make everything stay on the crowns.

The crowns were really fun to make. While some mistakes were made here and there, they look really good for a first attempt.

And that’s all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

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