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What I’m Learning: Game Creation

I am currently learning about how to make games to help me with my future career in the gaming industry. The type of games I’m learning how to make are RPG’s (Role Playing Games) and VN’s (Virtual Novels). 

Role Playing Games, known as RPG’s to the gaming crowd, are games that immerse you in a fantasy world. They come in a variety of levels including Single-Player like Dishonored or Assassin’s Creed, and Multi-Player Online (MMO or MMORPG) such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. They are story driven worlds that allow you to face off against the evils threatening them. What I find exciting about the RPG’s is always the story. You can make a lot of choices in these types of games such as playing the good guy or the bad guy and how to save the world.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition logo
Image from Wow.Gamepedia.Com

Visual Novels, sometimes called VN’s, are games that play like books. Some have puzzles to solve and mini-games to move the story along but the story is the central focus. A lot of VN’s have amazing art to go with their stories, but often there are no characters to physically move or fight with other characters. Some people who have an interest in making books, art, games, or all the above start with these types of games. Often, these stories focus on romance. 

The game I am writing is a combination of the two. It is about a girl and her friends who find dragon eggs in a junkyard. Later, the dragon eggs hatch and it scares them. They eventually find out that the government is hunting dragons down to enslave and/or kill them. You get some decisions in the game to backstab the dragons and go with the Government or join the dragons in their quest to free their people. 

You will also get romance options. Who doesn’t like romance options? 

I believe the game I’m making is unique because its original to me. Each character is being given a special care in their development. 

I’m currently making my game as one of my major homeschool projects for my college portfolio.  Currently, I am building the story, the characters and the choices you have. 

From what I’ve learned, you need to know what type of game you’re planning on making like a platformer, shooter, or RPG before you begin writing. You need to know your budget, too. There is both free and premium game development software out there, and you will want to pay for art, music, and sounds. You should know the length of the plot and be familiar with your own skill levels. 

The program I plan to use is RPG Maker VX Ace for my first production. I like the pre-built platform and the cost of the software. Later, I may get a new game development software that is meant for more advanced skills.

Image from Steam Library.

Since I just started, my progress for the game is minimal. I am almost done with the planning for the game’s story. The next step will be writing the encounters and choices, then I’ll be making the actual game with artwork and sounds.  

You do need a lot of skills if you want to make a game such as good writing, grammar, verbal communication skills, artistic talent, along with basic visual design, fluent in 2D and 3D graphics, coding, and animation packages. If not, you will need to do a lot of costly outsourcing for people with these skills. 

My goal in this is to make at least five games. It is my dream to be part of the gaming development community as an adult. I want to build a dedicated and impressive portfolio for my future education and career. (End this with something more about games that inspired you. Pick 2 or 3 and say: I have always loved games since I was little, having gaming parents and all, but the games that inspired me to make my own are … Then tell me 1 thing you love about each one.) 

Hoped you enjoyed this blog post, see you on the next one! 

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Great job! Your post looks awesome and I am excited to see you progress in this endeavor.